Proliner is your local authorised Fluid Film Application Centre, servicing the Gold Coast, Tweed and Northern Rivers regions.

Why You Can Trust Proliner

Powerful Corrosion Protection

Whether you have a new or older vehicle, Fluid Film® application will protect its underbody and moving parts from corrosion, by displacing water with its unique non-toxic, environmentally friendly compound.

Long Lasting Protection

Fluid Film® is an effective, long-lasting application that protects your vehicle from the corrosive effects of both natural and industrial elements, that all damage your vehicle over time.

Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

By penetrating the base metal and hard to reach areas of your vehicle, Fluid Film® vehicle coating and underbody rustproofing keeps dangerous metal corrosion at bay, plus you’ll maintain the safety and value of your vehicle, extend its service life and keep it looking great!

Fluid Film Rustproofing

You’ve invested a significant amount of money in your vehicle, and whether you’re using it for work, play – or both – it’s vital that you protect it from the elements. Proliner specialises in Fluid Film vehicle coating and underbody rustproofing, protecting your investment from the harsh Aussie environment.

Fluid Film® Underbody Rustproofing

The underbody of your vehicle often gets forgotten about, but it’s just as vulnerable to the elements as the rest of your vehicle, if not more so at times. Proliner can prolong your vehicle’s life and protect its value with Fluid Film® underbody rust-proofing.

Protect Your Pride and Joy With Fluid Film® Rustproofing


Inside Rocker Panels


Inside Doors


Inside Chassis Rails

Proliner offers powerful protection against corrosion for your vehicle using