Urethane Protective Coating & Underbody Rustproofing

Authorised Speedliner Application Centre

The world’s toughest spray-on liner that protects your vehicle from Australia’s harsh elements.

Proliner offers superior protection with Speedliner, the World’s Toughest spray-on urethane Ute Liner and Protective Coating, plus Fluid Film® vehicle coating and underbody rust proofing, the perfect solution to protect your vehicle from Australia’s harsh elements.

Don’t get caught…

Trying to save money with cheaper alternatives for your ute liner will only end up costing you more in the long run, so don’t get caught. Your cargo slides all over the place on a plastic tub liner, which destroys the paintwork leaving rust to get in – and it’s a lot noisier too.

Speedliner’s unique textured surface keeps your cargo from sliding, so damage is prevented. With the highest UV protection on the market, your vehicle’s bed won’t fade or chalk like others either.

The underbody of your vehicle may be out of sight, but keep it in mind, and protect it from the elements. Stone chips, salt water, wear and tear all contribute to rust, but with Proliner’s Fluid Film® vehicle coating and underbody rustproofing, your vehicle is protected.

Proliner is your local authorised Speedliner and Fluid Film® Application centre, proudly servicing the Gold Coast, Tweed and Northern Rivers regions since 2018.

Our Services

Proliner specialises in Speedliner urethane protective coating, and Fluid Film® vehicle coating and underbody rustproofing


Smart, tough, non-slip durability are just some of the benefits of Speedliner gives. Get Proliner to spray your ute tub with Speedliner and increase the longevity of your ute’s value.

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The Proliner team removes unsightly stone chips and dents, and protects your bullbar from further damage, using Speedliner protective coating; the world’s proven strongest spray-on liner on the market, that’s 500% stronger than its competitors.

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Fluid Film Underbody Rustproofing

The underbody of your vehicle often gets forgotten about, but it’s just as vulnerable to the elements as the rest of your vehicle, if not more so at times. Proliner can prolong your vehicle’s life and protect its value with Fluid Film® underbody rust proofing.

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